Class 7 student suffers 35 stitches after friends attack him with blade in Badarpur

A Class 7 student in Badarpur, a suburb near Delhi, has suffered 35 stitches on his back after being attacked by his classmates with blades. The attack was after an altercation over a seat in the class.

The students belong to Kendriya Vidyalaya, NTPC, Badarpur.

The victim, Rafe Ali, was given some first-aid at the school’s medical room, from where he was taken to a local dispensary.

However, since the injuries were serious in nature, he was referred to the trauma centre of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.

Rafe was threatened by one of his classmates that he will attack him with a blade if he refuses to allow him sit on the seat.

He informed his teacher about the threat but the teacher allegedly overlooked it.
During lunch break when Rafe went to the washroom, the accused called his friends and started manhandling him.

He then attacked Rafe with a blade, thus injuring him grievously and causing severe blood loss.

Since the accused are minors, police have not booked them so far.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family members have accused the school administration of gross negligence.

“After the initial altercation, Rafe had informed the teacher about it. Had he acted against the guilty, Rafe’s injuries could have been averted,” said his uncle Kamal Khan.

Updated: July 14, 2018 — 1:36 pm