Strong resolve, stronger mandate: PM Modi on what sets Modi 2.0 apart

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to power after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections with an even stronger mandate than his first term. In the first 75 days of his government, the Centre has managed to accomplish many of its promises. From the unprecedented decision on Jammu and Kashmir to the passing of the landmark triple talaq bill, the Modi government has ticked off many tasks off its to-do list within the first two months.

The prime minister attributed the Modi 2.0 government’s early success in clearing its objectives to its decisiveness as well as the overwhelming support of the people. Speaking to news agency IANS, PM Modi said, “We have set an unprecedented pace within just the first few days of our government. What we have been able to achieve is the result of ‘Spasht Neeti, Sahi Disha (clear policy, right intentions)’.”

He also listed the many achievements of his government, saying that it was possible because of the dispensation’s resolve. “In just the first 75 days of our government, a lot has happened. From children’s safety to Chandrayaan-II, from action against corruption to freeing Muslim women from the scourge of Triple Talaq, from Kashmir to Kisan, we have shown what a resolute government with a strong mandate of the people can achieve,” the prime minister exclaimed.

The looming water crisis in India has been a key talking point of the Modi 2.0 regime, with the prime minister speaking about water conservation repeatedly. He said the government had acknowledged the pressing issue and had as a result set up the Jal Shakti ministry to deal with it. “We have taken a head-start in tackling the most pressing issue of our times with the formation of Jal Shakti Ministry for a mission mode and integrated approach to improve water supply and augment water conservation,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi also thanked the people for reposing their faith in his government. He said their trust had been built by the work the government did in its first term. “In a way, it is also the result of the government coming back with a stronger mandate. What we were able to achieve in the first 75 days was the outcome of the robust base we were able to build in the last 5 years. Hundreds of reforms in the last 5 years have ensured the country is now ready to take off, powered by the aspirations of the people. The push has come not just from the executive but from the muscle in Parliament….”

Updated: August 13, 2019 — 10:19 pm