Imran Khan declares victory, guns for dialogue on Kashmir

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has declared victory in Pakistan. In his first televised speech after election results showed PTI as the single-largest party, Imran Khan promised to make Pakistan a better country where rule of the law would be followed. He also promised to work for the poorest of the poor. Imran said Pakistan had suffered against the hands of corrupt but things would not be the same. He also vowed to fight corruption and promised to make institutions stronger and fulfil Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s dream for Pakistan.

Khan also brought up the issue of Kashmir and said the Kashmiris have been suffering for long.

“We have to solve Kashmir issue by sitting across the table, If India’s leadership is willing then the both of us can solve this issue through dialogue. It will be good for the subcontinent also,” Khan said.

Khan, calling for dialogue with India, said he wants good relations with India as a poverty-free subcontinent can be possible if both countries have “good relations and trade ties.”

Talking about relations with neighbours Imran Khan said he wants to end fights. Speaking about India, he said “I was disappointed that the Indian media portrayed me like a Bollywood movie villain. They made it seem like misfortune will befall India because of me. I am a Pakistani who probably has the closest ties with India because of cricket. I am a Pakistani who believes good relations with India will bring prosperity for the subcontinent. If we want to reduce poverty, which should be the highest priority for any government, then we need to continue trade ties. Both nations will benefit from trade.”

Speaking about his vision for Pakistan, Khan said he entered politics to achieve Jinnah’s dream. He says he envisions a Pakistan that is inspired by the state of Medina. “I want Pakistan to become a country that cares for the downtrodden, a rule for the poor and oppressed”.

He also said that the democracy is getting strengthened in Pakistan. “I thank god, after 22 years of struggle, my prayers have been answered. I have got the chance to fulfill my dream and serve the nation,” he said.

Imran Khan also claimed that no political leader has seen worse personal attacks than the ones hurled at him in the past three years.

I have forgotten all of these, I have moved past them. This is not about me, this is about Pakistan. Our cause is greater than my self. Inshallah, I will prove this will be the first government that will not indulge in any kind of political victimisation. Those opposed to us will not become victims of political games. We will establish rule of law. If someone wrongs us, the law will get them. Whoever goes against the law, we will punish them.” Imran Khan said at his press conference in Islamabad.

Imran Khan stressing on the need to focus on human development said that a country is identified not on the basis of how the rich live there instead how the poor manage.

While talking about Afghanistan, he said that people in Afghanistan needs peace and even Pakistan wants peace for the neighbouring country. “Our government will try our best to bring peace there. I want that our relations with Afghanistan are so good that we have open borders like countries in the European Union”.

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Updated: July 26, 2018 — 5:26 pm