Hug, don’t hate: Congress’s new message to BJP

The Congress party has extended its Valentine week’s greetings to its biggest rival – the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The grand old party took to Twitter and said the BJP should HUG, and NOT HATE.

HUG, because it is HUG DAY today.

For the unversed, February 12 is traditionally celebrated as the Hug Day, where two supposed lovers, and in the modern day world, friends and family members hug it out and express their love and affection towards each other.

The tweet is a video compilation of several messages and moments. Of them, the capture where Congress chief Rahul Gandhi hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in broad day light inside the Parliament premises stands out.

The hug had left PM Modi flustered and Parliamentarians bemused.

The tweet has a few Mahatma Gandhi’s valuable teachings too. “Love the sinner. Not the sin,” and “Love is the prerogative of the brave,” among others make the cut.

The video ends with a declaration: “The Congress believes in love, not hate,” much in line with the Gandhian philosophy of love and non violence.

Happy #HugDay, BJP, the Congress party says at the end.


The love message by the Congress party comes close on the heels of the regular mundane sexist jibes being made against Priyanka Gandhi Vadra by several BJP leaders. While some called her a pretty face, with no talent, others named her Surpanakha, an evil character from Ramayan.

The lovey dovey tweet is also a big contrast to the recent developments in the aftermath of the Rafale deal between India and France. The two parties have been exchanging barbs ever since then.

While Rahul Gandhi has accused the Narendra Modi-led Central government of crony capitalism, the BJP said he has been acting as lobbyist for foreign firms.

With all these barbs, jibes and attacks just in time for the big general election due in April/May, the declaration of love by the Gandhian party is a lovely surprise — and we hope others too dish out something similar.

Updated: February 12, 2019 — 6:25 pm