Former Maoist ideologue Gaddar to vote for the first time in next Telangana ele…

Former Maoist ideologue and popular revolutionary balladeer Gaddar, who had campaigned against electoral politics till early last year, has decided to vote in the next elections in Telangana.

On Wednesday, 69-year old Gummadi Vittal Rao, popularly known as Gaddar enrolled his name as a voter at his native village Toopran in Medak district. He submitted an application to the local revenue authorities.

“I am going to exercise my franchise in my native village in the next elections. I have applied for my voting right for the first time in my life,” Gaddar told the media.

During his stint with the Maoist party, Gaddar strongly campaigned against electoral politics and called for boycott of elections. He severed his ties with the Maoists in April 2017 and declared that he was joining the political mainstream.

A few days ago, he told a meeting of the Bahujan Left Front, a conglomeration of Left-oriented parties headed by CPI (M), that he’s “planning to contest the ensuing general election and “wanted to gain power to serve people”.

Updated: July 27, 2018 — 4:31 am