Despite Pulwama attack, PM Modi continued self promotion like Bollywood stars: Congress

The Congress party on Thursday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi indulged in self-promotion “like Bollywood stars” when a terror attack was reported in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district. The party also asserted that the conduct of the prime minister, at a time when he should have been charing a meeting with his Cabinet, was shocking.

Upping the ante against the Narendra Modi-led government over the Pulwama terror attack, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said PM Modi was busy shooting at the Jim Corbett National Park.

Randeep Surjewala told India Today TV, “The conduct of the prime minister is shocking. Pulwama happened at 3:10 pm, Congress reacted to it at 5 pm, but PM Modi was shooting for a film up to 7 pm that day. It was a time when he should have been chairing a meeting with his cabinet. He was instead acting like a Bollywood star doing self promotion.”

“Who is he? Is he Shah Rukh Khan? Salman Khan?” he further said.

The Congress spokesperson alleged that the prime minister continued to “enjoy boat rides” with the camera crew, was looking at ghadiyals and later ensured that there was slogan shouting by BJP people in his favour there.

“The prime minister continued to have tea, samosas at seven o’clock at government expense in a PWD guesthouse when every single Indian household didn’t have food,” he said.

“Is this the conduct of the PM who should have been responsible? Is this his conduct who calls himself nationalist. It is shameful. The prime minister also knew about the attack. Yet the PM, a person who claims himself to be a nationalist, continued to shoot a film [for Discovery Channel] for self propagation in the Corbett National Park in Ramnagar,” he claimed.

Surjewala also put down a few questions to the Modi government over the Pulwama attack. He asked, “We would like to question PM Modi about the national security failure and also the gross intelligence failure. How did kilograms of RDX enter Jammu and Kashmir; how was an RDX-laden vehicle permitted to come at Jammu Srinagar national highway and ram into a bus; why our jawans were not airlifted?”

Congress also accused the prime minister of spending crores on publicity and foreign trips but not “sanctioning Rs 5 lakh for airlifting the soldiers”.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), however, negated claims and accused the Congress of politicising the issue.

Earlier in a press briefing too, Surjewala had placed similar allegations against Prime Minister Modi.

Updated: February 21, 2019 — 4:50 pm