Chandrayaan 2 Launch Live Updates: Isro successfully launches India’s historic second Moon mission

Isro is all geared up to launch its second Moon mission, Chandrayaan 2, which will be exploring the uncharted lunar south pole. Eleven years after India’s first Moon mission, Chandrayaan 1, made a splash with the discovery of water molecules on the lunar surface, Chandrayaan 2 will make a landing on the Moon surface to further explore the possibilities of finding water. Chandrayaan-2 will take 54 days to accomplish the task of landing on the Moon through meticulously planned orbital phases. Chandrayaan-2 will make India the fourth country to soft land a rover on the lunar surface after Russia, the United States and China. Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter carries eight scientific payloads for mapping the lunar surface and to study the exosphere (outer atmosphere) of the Moon. The lander carries three scientific payloads to conduct surface and subsurface science experiments. In total, Chandrayaan-2 has 13 payloads with eight of them in the orbiter, three payloads in Vikram, the orbiter and two in Pragyan, the rover. Five payloads are from India, three from Europe, two from the US and one from Bulgaria.

Updated: July 22, 2019 — 9:19 am