Baseless and untrue: CRPF, J&K Police strongly refute report of rift in ranks

The Jammu and Kashmir Police and the CRPF on Monday strongly refuted reports of a dispute between a Muslim Kashmiri policeman and CRPF personnel.

A Twitter handle by the name of WSK had tweeted on Monday, “Rifts emerging among Indian security forces deployed in Kashmir. A Muslim Kashmiri policeman shot & killed five Indian CRPF personnel in a ‘blue on blue’ attack after they refused to let a pregnant woman by because she didn’t have a curfew pass. Things on edge since that attack.”

However, both the Central forces and the Jammu and Kashmir Police rubbished the claim.

Taking to Twitter, CRPF said, “The malicious content of this tweet is absolutely baseless and untrue. As always, all the security forces of India are working with coordination and bonhomie. Patriotism and our tricolour lie at the core of our hearts and existence, even when the colour of our uniforms may differ.”

Jammu and Kashmir police officer Imtiyaj Hussain also took to Twitter to negate the allegation. He tweeted, “What weed do they smoke and what fantasy world they live in? If this is what verified handles are peddling, imagine the storm of propaganda unleashed by thousands of fake(Kashmiri look like) handles of @OfficialDGISPR. Truth has the ultimate power to decimate their imagined world.”

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Updated: August 12, 2019 — 4:13 pm